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Video Games! You love them, we love them, so let's talk about them! Stay updated with the crispiest podcast you will find about the latest and greatest gaming news of the week. Join us as we talk about everything that's happening in the world of gaming with Sony Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox, PC, Mac and so much more!

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EP 011: Lost Judgment revealed along with Yakuza news!, Ubisoft goes more Free-To-Play, and lastly Blizzard's WoW Classic TBC crash and burn!May 17, 2021 Episode artwork EP 010: Riot Games will spy listen on you in Valorant, Playstation merge with Discord, Nintendo sales is of the charts, lastly, some sweet crispy E3 news! May 10, 2021 Episode artwork EP 009: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Playstation & Xbox sales records, Super Mario Party Online update, and lastly, Cyberpunk refunds updateMay 03, 2021 Episode artwork EP 008: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (finally!), the latest Resident Evil Showcase and big changes from Microsoft with Cloud Gaming coming to iOS, Free Xbox Live Games and lastly the 180 decision for the Playstation Store!April 26, 2021 Episode artwork EP 007: The Last of Us remake nobody wants, Nintendo Indie World Showcase makes us ready for E3 2021 and Kojima Productions could end up with Microsoft before Sony.April 19, 2021 Episode artwork EP 006: E3 2021 goes all-in digital, Pac-Man 99 is already here, Mass Effect Legendary Edition could indeed be legendary and Microsoft continues to deliver this generation with improved accessibility features.April 12, 2021 Episode artwork EP 005: Xbox embracing the OG systems and mobile, while Nintendo & Sony don't. Q2 highlights for the games that will get released in the next 3 months. April 05, 2021 Episode artwork EP 004: Square Enix Presents, Forspoken, Life Is Strange, Outriders, Tomb Raider. Latest AR game from Niantic with Pikmin and the EVO acquisition from Playstation March 29, 2021 Episode artwork EP 003: Bethesda joins Microsoft, Jade Raymond joins Sony, new PS5 VR controllers, Super Mario 3D All-Stars leaves Nintendo eShop, microtransactions infiltrates Final Fantasy VII Ever CrisisMarch 22, 2021 Episode artwork EP 002: Fantasian, Turtles: Shredder's Revenge, Tales of Arise and Blaster Master Zero 3March 15, 2021 Episode artwork EP 001: Playstation State of Play, Final Fantasy VIIR: Intergrade + mobile, new Pokémon remakes and open world Pokémon Legends: Arceus!March 07, 2021 Episode artwork